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Run Like Hell! YETI EDITION app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 8944 ratings )
Games Action Adventure
Developer: Mass Creation Sp. z o. o.
Current version: 2.9, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 12 Jan 2011
App size: 69.29 Mb

Check out new features - OBJECTIVES!
Discover brand new gameplay quality. Complete compelling objectives and enjoy your extra awards.

Run Like Hell! can be a helluva lot of fun in winter!

After leaving that dreadful island, full of cannibals and unfriendly locals, our brave archeologist went to Himalayas searching for an ancient artifact. Close to the Mount Everest, being in artifacts cave, his senses told him hes being watched. Large, white, vicious, breath smelling and loudly roaring creature came out of nowhere. Not again - was his last thought. Its time to RUN LIKE HELL! again.
RUN LIKE HELL! YETI EDITION is a new seasonal winter edition of a great paced run-and-jump platformer.

• Jump, slide and be precise to perfectly outrun the vicious Yeti
• Avoid all obstacles which slow you down
• Send fog or thunderbolts to slow your hunter down
• Watch your adrenaline level and use it to run faster
• NEW! Objectives - fulfill objectives and discover brand new gameplay quality
• NEW! Second Chance - you can run even further after taking the second chance
• Game is absolutely FREE!!!

• Three game modes: Endless, Timetrial and Avalanche
• Cool powerups to help outrun the Yeti
• Colorful vibrant graphics and smooth animation
• Simple and fun game mechanics
• Hours of addictive gameplay!

Running Like Hell! can be a helluva lot of fun!

Pros and cons of Run Like Hell! YETI EDITION app for iPhone and iPad

Run Like Hell! YETI EDITION app good for

When theres no Internet around you to connect, the game crashes... :( please fix. I will give the 5th star when its fixed. At least it was free though and very fun!
Ahahahahha i play this game with my buddies during french class and we are all yelling and stuff an the teacher has given us the dirtiest looks ahaha

Some bad moments

I got crashes too(touch 4, IOS 4.2). It is imposible to play in it. Crashes happen very often
Give the runner a left and right foot, not 2 left feet. This is the most ridiculous game. The buttons dont work. Go back to making preschool games. Check with fisher price. They will help.
Up first I thought it was like temple run fun not as good I love playing it when board
This game is amazing, it takes the roots from a platformer and adds realism to it. This game deserves no less than 5 stars.
The game is nice need more levels but far as the game goes its okay
This game was far from good. The graphics were not high def and the gameplay was terrible! All you do is jump duck and fall over until a yeti gets you. The only thing this app is good for is downloading it on your brothers phone for April fools!